With 55% of Home Owners Undertaking Home Renovations, Will You Be One of Them?

With 55% of Home Owners Undertaking Home Renovations, Will You Be One of Them?

After touring all the gorgeous Tampa Heights homes for sale, you have finally closed on your new perfect house—well, almost perfect. As a new homeowner, putting those personal touches on the space can make the place feel even more your own. But the biggest question that plagues a majority of home buyers consistently is, "Where do I start?"

With the remodeling market valued at 105 billion dollars, thousands of homeowners start their renovation journey every day. But without the proper preparation, your exciting home renovation task can quickly become a string of headaches, unplanned expenses, and in extreme cases, low-quality artistry that will have you starting from square one. To avoid your renovation dream becoming a renovation nightmare, follow these tips to understand better how to start undertaking a home renovation if you’re part of the 55% intending to do one.

Get inspections done

Of course, after looking at the different Tampa Heights homes for sale, you'll want to get an inspection done as soon as possible. Because the house isn't starting from a blank slate, there could be specific issues that are not already visibly apparent. Once you get the inspection report illustrating what may need fixing in the house, the chances of contractors finding anything unexpected in the foundation significantly decrease. Doing so will also aid in avoiding any unwanted delays in the timeline of your extensive renovation.

Assume nothing when it comes to renovations

Sometimes costs for renovations can be more than most homeowners may expect, so it is always wise to get an estimate in formal writing from your contractor. You do not want to be in the position of tense financial compensation disputes between you and the contractors once the work is done, so be sure not to move forward with an estimate quote sent over via texts or verbal agreements. Be as specific as possible regarding the details of your renovation. That way, both you and the contractors have a clear understanding of what you are expecting when the work is complete. If you are not living close to your new home, consider installing a secure lockbox so the contractors can access the project while you are away. Then you don't need to waste time driving up yourself! If you aren't living in the home due to the renovations, factor in any additional costs spent on your temporary housing.

Make a list

It is wise to write out exactly what parts of your home you want to renovate. If you can, the best way to do this is by spending time in the house. It's essential to identify how you can improve on what groundwork is already there. Are you looking to add even more space by extending portions of the house (perhaps a loft or garage conversion?), or can you achieve an open living space by simply removing a few walls? Being able to get a feel for your house and what you want to change will be very beneficial when speaking with the contractors. In addition, having the ability to physically see swatches of paint on your walls, the different wood styles for your floor, and how it compliments other aspects of the home will save you from any unwanted surprises when the work is finished.

Know your timeline

One of the worst feelings is to stress over a strict timeline, especially regarding your dream home renovation. Ask yourself how flexible your timeline is and whether you can wait for some of those updates in a realistic timeframe. If your renovations call for a separate living space during that time, be prepared to make accommodations for yourself to steer clear of unnecessary frustration. You never want to find yourself in the position of rushing your decisions or the work from the contractors – it's an easy way to find yourself in need of a renovation rescue.

Speak to multiple contractors

It's always good to weigh your options, particularly regarding who will work on your home. Not all contractors will be the right fit for you and your home. Getting an idea of different estimates is always recommended, as one can get a better visual of the typical price tag for your area. Have a lot of questions about the process? Working with a Tampa Heights real estate expert like Dan Kempka will make your new home journey much more effortless.

Start with the kitchen

It is no secret that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It serves as the gathering point for family, friends, and those wonderful holiday celebrations. Many homeowners always strive to make it as welcoming and versatile as possible, so it is no surprise that it remains one of the most popular interior rooms for remodels. When looking to renovate your kitchen, consider going with an open floor plan to accommodate a large island. You can also add seating throughout the space to give it a more welcoming atmosphere. And no kitchen is complete without plenty of windows to illuminate the area with natural daylight. Consider including high-tech features and appliances such as a smart refrigerator, soft motion sensor lights that can be controlled remotely from your phone, and energy-efficient dishwashers.

Don't forget the bathrooms

One of the best ways to have your guests love the time spent in your home is to pay special attention to the bathroom. When remodeling, homeowners' spending increased by 38% on guest bathrooms in 2021. A guaranteed way to impress is by adding a luxury bath or unique water fixtures. Depending on how much you're looking to splurge on the new space, installing heated floors will always signify a genuinely luxurious bathroom—but be careful because your guests may never want to leave! Consider upgrading to a temperature-controlled shower or even a simple yet effective rain showerhead.

Regardless of what kind of upgrade you start with, updating your home is always a time to get creative with your decisions. As long as you prepare a bit in advance, you should be able to avoid any remodel snags. When deciding between different Tampa Heights homes for sale that could be the perfect renovation project for you, contact a local professional like Dan Kempka to answer all your questions.

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